July 11, 2014


July 11, 2014:  St. Benedict, abbot


  • Hos 14:2-10  Return to the Lord; you've collapsed through your guilt.  Say, “Forgive us, and receive what is good.”  I will heal and love them, says the Lord; they'll dwell in my shade and blossom.  I've humbled Ephraim but will prosper him.  The just walk in the Lord's paths, but sinners stumble.
  • Ps 51:3-4, 8-9, 12-14, 17  "My mouth will declare your praise."  Have mercy on me; cleanse me of my sin.  You're pleased with sincerity of heart, and you teach me wisdom.  Create a clean heart for me.  Open my lips....
  • Mt 10:16-23  “I send you like sheep among wolves; be shrewd and simple.  Beware of those who will hand you over.  When they do, don't worry about how to speak:  you'll be given what to say; the Spirit will speak through you.  All will hate you, but all who endure will be saved.  When they persecute you, flee; the Son of Man will come before you finish.”
Wordle: Readings 7-11-14
Words of today's readings
      • Creighton:  The Spirit speaks through us, just as he spoke through Christ.  Jesus responded to fear with trust:  “Into your hands I commend my spirit.”  When we're called to speak, may we rely on the Spirit and speak with no worries.  We're joined to Christ.
      • Passionist:  Greek fronimoi ('shrewd') means wise, insightful, comprehending a situation and responding prudently, and and akeraioi ('simple')  means unmixed (as pure gold, or pure motives).  Despite hostility we face, discern the signs of the times, act prudently, and live faith boldly, willing the other's good.
      St. Benedict
      • Universalis:  St. Benedict, hermit, survived monks' poisoning attempts.  His Rule is adopted by many communities and has nuggets for us too.  See Catholic Encyclopedia.

      • "Horse" tie pin:  "we won't have horses to mount" (1st reading)
      • "Golden calf" tie pin:  "We won't say, ‘Our god,’ to the work of our hands" (no idolatry, 1st reading)
      • "Tree" pin:  "His splendor shall be like the olive tree and his fragrance like the Lebanon cedar." (1st reading)
      • "Grapes" pin:  "They shall blossom like the vine" (1st reading)
      • "Owl" tie pin:  "you teach me wisdom" (psalm)
      • ♥ [between 'B' and 'J'] tie bar:  "A clean heart create for me, O God" (psalm)
      • "Sheep" tie bar:  “I send you like sheep among wolves" (gospel)
      • "Serpent" tie pin:  "Be shrewd as serpents" (gospel)
      • White shirt:  "wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." (psalm); color of day (St. Benedict)
      • Green on suspenders, tie:  Ordinary Time (season)

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