July 1, 2014

July 1

July 1, 2014:  Tuesday, 13th week, Ordinary Time


  • Am 3:1-8; 4:11-12  Children of Israel, I favored you alone, so I'll punish you for your crimes.  Does a lion with no prey roar?  When the trumpet sounds, won't people be frightened?  I brought upheaval upon you, but you didn't return to me, so I'll deal with you; prepare to meet me!
    Wordle: Readings 7-1-14
  • Ps 5:4b-8  "Lead me in your justice, Lord."  At dawn I bring my plea expectantly before you.  You hate evildoers and destroy all who speak falsehood.  But I, because of your mercy, will enter your house and worship in fear of you.
  • Mt 8:23-27  As Jesus got into a boat, his disciples followed.  When a storm came up, they woke him:  “Lord, save us!” / “Why are you terrified, you of little faith?”  He rebuked the winds and sea, there was calm, and they were amazed:  “What sort of man is this, whom even the winds and sea obey?”

Pope Francis
  • Il Messaggero interview:  Politics has been devalued, ruined by corruption.  Cultural change is driving moral decay not only in politics but also in the financial and social sectors. / When I feed someone, they're no longer hungry, but people who lose their job lose their dignity; helping them requires cooperation.  The cause of the poor is a Christian cause; the Gospel can't be understood without understanding poverty.  There's also poverty of the spirit, being poor in God's sight because God fills you.  The Gospel is addressed to poor and rich alike; it doesn't condemn the rich but rather riches that become idols. / Without an understanding of femininity, one can't understand the Church.  The Church is a woman.  Theology must take account of this femininity; we must develop a theology of the woman.
    • Creighton:  God’s plan for us is a relationship of security and joy.  If we ask the Lord to lead us in justice, we'll receive mercy.  God is present and loving amidst the storms in our lives, calling us to greater faith.  Do justice and let God be God.
    • Passionist:  Amos is noted for his fierce response to Israel's corruption.  God is always ready to forgive and help.  When we feel overwhelmed by evil in and around us, we can turn to God with confidence in his mercy.
    • DailyScripture.net:  Jesus was sleeping, as was his disciples' faith.  He asks us too, Why are you afraid?  Have you no faith?
    • "Lion" pin:  Does a lion roar in the forest when it has no prey?  Does a young lion cry out from its den unless it has seized something?  The lion roars—who won't be afraid!  (1st reading)
    • "Bird" tie pin:  Is a bird brought to earth by a snare when there is no lure for it?  (1st reading)
    • "Angel with trumpet" pin:  If the trumpet sounds in a city, will the people not be frightened?  (1st reading)
    • "Boats" tie:  As Jesus got into a boat, his disciples followed him.  (gospel)
    • Blue shirt:  storm at sea (gospel)
    • "Blood drop" pin:  St. Oliver Plunkett, martyr

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