October 10, 2014

Oct. 10

October 10, 2014:  Friday, 27th week, Ordinary Time

  • 'Tree' pin:  "Christ ransomed us by becoming a curse—'Cursed be everyone who hangs on a tree,'—so Abraham's blessing may be extended to Gentiles and we receive the Spirit" (1st reading)
  • 'Signs' tie:  "Some asked Jesus for a sign from heaven." (gospel)
  • 'Car' tie pin:  How does Jesus 'drive' out demons?  (gospel)

  • Thuma mina, with "Fill me, Jesus" verse (gospel)
Pope Francis homily

The devil never stops tempting us, as he kept returning to Jesus; he uses words that touch the heart.  Guard your heart, where the Holy Spirit dwells, so other spirits don't enter.  If I don't realize what enters my heart, it becomes a piazza, without intimacy, where God can't speak or be heard.

"He who does not gather with me scatters."  To have a gathering heart, where you know what happens, examine your conscience.  Gather yourself and ask, "What happened today in my heart?  What's passed through my heart?  Did anyone I don't know enter?  Is the key in its place?"  Examination of conscience is a grace, because guarding the heart is guarding the Spirit in us.  It defends us from wickedness, from what we could do if these clever demons enter.

Synod corner

  • Model God's justice+mercy marriage:  How remain true to our beliefs while showing compassion and forgiveness to people who fail?  The Synod Fathers face a dilemma in distinguishing Church doctrine from practical application.  There's heated discussion on how to respond to the separated, divorced, and remarried asking to be readmitted to the Eucharist.  Bishops have suggested support networks, prayer services, and public blessings to help people move on to a new sense of the Spirit at work; they're also wrestling with the meaning of being an incarnational, sacramental Church where Jesus can touch and heal.  "We must allow Jesus to work in the Eucharist because he left it for us sinners.  We mustn't try to limit God's love."
Why can't Rome admit remarried spouses to the altar like Eastern Churches?  We need to be more open to meeting the needs of those in our care.  "We’re seeing a more inductive way of reflecting, starting with people's real situations and finding their experience as a place of theological reflection."  We strive to marry justice and mercy, like God does.
  • Family is 1st seat of evangelization (Bishop Orowae Terce homily):  God speaks through the Good News that leads us to faith and life.  Faith helps to build loving relationships in which people reach out to others in charity.  "Gospel joy fills all who encounter Jesus" (EG 1).  May all be filled with gospel joy and want to share it with others, so more will become alive in Christ and bring the Good News to still others.  We encourage "families whose lives seem like Lent without Easter" (EG 6) to rediscover the Gospel, read it with their children, pray, and make it part of their family life; it will increase their faith, hope, love, joy and peace.  Families struggling with challenges and distractions have to face and overcome them; they're at their best when they discuss and tackle problems and conflicts.  We're grateful for families who believe in and follow gospel values, teach the faith to children, and set good examples.  When parents nurture, teach, guide, and protect their family, they evangelize.  May Christian families become evangelizers and witnesses to Christ through the joy in their families.
  • Gal 3:7-14  Those with faith, Gentile or Jew, are children of Abraham, as scripture foretold:  "Through you [Abraham] shall all nations be blessed."  All who depend on the law are under a curse, but the one who is righteous by faith will live.  Christ ransomed us from the curse by becoming a curse for us [on the cross] so through him Abraham's blessing might be extended to the Gentiles and we might receive the Spirit.
    A kingdom divided against itself can't stand
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  • Ps 111:1b-6  "The Lord will remember his covenant for ever."  I thank the Lord; God's works are great, majestic, and just.  The Lord is gracious and merciful.
  • Lk 11:15-26  Some said, “By the power of Beelzebul, prince of demons, he drives out demons”; others asked him for a sign.  Jesus:  “A kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste.  If I drive out demons by God, then the Kingdom has come upon you.  When an armed strong man guards his palace, his possessions are safe, until a stronger one overcomes him.  Whoever isn't with me is against me.  When an unclean spirit leaves someone, it looks for rest; finding none, it returns with seven more, and the man is even worse off.”
    • Creighton: They're not happy Jesus is helping the afflicted, driving out demons. It takes light to dispel darkness, good to dispel evil. Choose.

    • Passionist:  Jesus challenges us to make moral reflection part of every decision we make, large and small....
    • DailyScripture.net:  Do you seek Jesus' protection in danger?  St. Cyril of Alexandria:  Kingdoms are established by subjects' fidelity, houses established when their members agree in will and deed.  Since Satan doesn't cast out Satan, devils don't leave willingly.  Jesus crushes Satan by divine power.  [Commentary on Luke, Sermon 80, paraphrased]  Jesus, the "stronger man," defeats Satan, the "strong man":  his 'finger of God' reference recalls Moses' confrontation with Pharaoh and his magicians (Ex 8:19); Jesus carries on his tradition of liberation via divine power. / Jesus speaks of the re-occupation of the vacant house to warn us not just to banish evil but to fill the void with God.  St. Augustine:  our lives have a God-shaped void only God can fill satisfactorily.  Do I fill my emptiness with Jesus?
    • Universalis:  St. Paulinus, monk, bishop.  St. Daniel Comboni, evangelist to Central Africa's poor and abandoned.

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