October 6, 2014

Oct. 6

October 6, 2014:  Monday, 27th week, Ordinary Time


  • 'Angel' pin:  If an angel preaches a gospel other than what we preached... (1st reading)
  • 'Three people' tie pin:  Priest, Levite, and Samaritan (gospel)
  • 'Grapes' pin:  Samaritan poured wind over victim's wounds (gospel); all yesterday's readings
  • Pin with bandage:  Samaritan bandaged victim's wounds (gospel)
  • 'Heart of gold' tie:  compassion Samaritan showed to traveler (gospel)
Pope Francis
    Angelus:   Pray for the bishops, called to promote the family according to God’s plan, as they meet for 2 weeks of listening and dialogue on “The Pastoral Challenges of the Family within the context of Evangelization.”  For the family to proceed well, with trust and hope, it must be nurtured by God's Word.  Keep a Bible at hand, dip into it often, individually and as a couple or family; the family will grow and walk in the light and the strength of God’s Word!

    To Synod Fathers:  Speak your mind with fearless frankness, and listen in a spirit of charity and humility. Say all that you feel you need to.  Do so with tranquility and peace.


    • Gal 1:6-12  You're forsaking the one who called you for a different "gospel."  If anyone preaches to you a gospel other than what we preached, let them be accursed!  The Gospel is not of human origin; it came through a revelation of Jesus Christ.
      Wordle: Readings 10-6-14
    • Ps 111:1b-2, 7-9, 10c  "The Lord will remember his covenant for ever."  I thank the Lord with all my heart.  The Lord's works are great, faithful, and just.  He delivered his people and ratified his covenant.
    • Lk 10:25-37  Law scholar / Jesus:  “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” / “What's written in the law?” / “Love the Lord with your heart, being, strength, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.” / “Yes; do this and you will live.” / “Who's my neighbor?” / “Robbers beat a man and left him half-dead.  A priest, then a Levite, saw him and passed on the opposite side, but a Samaritan was moved with compassion, poured oil and wine over his wounds, bandaged them, took him to an inn, cared for him, and paid the innkeeper to care for him afterwards.  Who was the victim's neighbor?” / “The one who showed mercy.” / “Do likewise.”
      • Creighton:  We inhabit a gospel that reveals who we are; the reigning gospel measures worth by what we produce, consume, and possess.  Paul warns that a false gospel is a curse. / The Samaritan, an outsider familiar with insult and being shunned, unsurprisingly noticed the beat-up stranger and was moved to act.  Transformation often begins with those who touch us; no wonder the poor help those in trouble.  Find God in the poor.
      • Passionist:  Paul and Jesus had a keen sense of how to appreciate the law:  Paul said fellowship with God is through faith, not legal/ritual observance.  We can be hung up on externals and obligations but be far from the spirit of the Gospel.  Jesus explains the Gospel as love of neighbor; no law should impede us from compassion.
      • DailyScripture.net:  Jesus said your neighbor isn't just your fellow Jew.  We must help even if others brought trouble on themselves, go beyond intent to action, and love as unconditionally and widely as God does, excluding nobody.  Jesus showed true compassion for us on the cross....

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