August 18, 2017

Aug. 18

August 18, 2017:  Friday, 19th week, Ordinary Time

See about 10 connections with today?
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  • Jos 24:1-13  Joshua to Israelites:  “The Lord says:   Your fathers served other gods, but I led Abraham through Canaan, made his descendants numerous, and gave him Isaac, to whom I gave Jacob and Esau.  I sent Moses and Aaron, smote Egypt, and led you out.  I brought you to the land of the Amorites; they fought you, but I destroyed them.  Then Balak prepared to war. and I saved you.  Once you came to Jericho, they fought you, but I delivered them into your power and sent hornets to drive them out. I gave you a land you hadn't tilled and cities you hadn't built; you've eaten of vineyards and groves you didn't plant.”
  • Ps 136:1-3, 16-18, 21-22, 24  "His mercy endures forever."  Give thanks to the LordGod of gods, who led his people, smote and slew kings, made their land the heritage of Israel, and freed us from our foes.
  • Mt 19:3-12  Pharisees tested Jesus:  “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?” / “The Creator said, a man shall be joined to his wife.  Don't separate what God has joined.”  / “Then why did Moses allow divorce?” / “Because of your hard hearts.  But whoever divorces his wife... and marries another commits adultery.” / Disciples:  “Then it's better not to marry.” / Some were incapable of marriage because they were born so; some because others made them so; some because they renounce marriage for the Kingdom's sake.  Accept this if you can.
  • Creighton:  Today 1st reading recounts God’s deeds, to stir up gratitude for God’s fidelity; the gospel is about the indissolubility of marriage.  God's fidelity is behind both.  We're called to be faithful to people and God, to live, work, and love within community.  Joshua's "litany" inspires the people's gratitude.  Gratitude is the first and most important step in loving someone.  If we think we don’t need anyone else, we may not give ourselves away in love.  Today we recognize each person's rights and dignity, but with that highlight on individuality we can forget we're communal creatures, conceived by a community of two, sustained in a community of care and support.  When we're grateful, we want to give back, to share our gifts.  God has brought each of us from our own “Egypt” and given us a name, support, an escape path, a light to lead us, and a cloud to hide us from enemies.  When we see how God rescues us and calls us to care and love, we're inspired to be faithful in return.  Update your own "litany," and remember what God has done and continues to do....
    • Passionist:  The Pharisees are again trying to trap Jesus., but he points to their hardness of heart that hampers the building of the Kingdom of God, loving, and living the spirit of the law they revere.  Hardness of heart can breed hate.  Joshua reminds the Israelites of God’s presence and love and calls them to a change of heart.  Jesus calls the Pharisees to a change of heart and points out that not everyone is up to the challenge.  Is our relationship with Jesus strong and personal enough so that we hear his call to us?
    •  "What God has joined together":  Jesus deals with divorce by harking back to the beginning of creation and God's plan for us.  The ideal that two people who marry should become indissolubly one flesh is found in the union of Adam and Eve, created for each other, symbol for all to come.  Jesus sets the ideal for marriage but explains that Moses permitted divorce as a concession.  He also sets the ideal for those who renounce marriage for the kingdom's sake.  Both are calls to consecrated life.  Our lives belong to God, who gives strength, joy, and blessing to those who follow him.  Lord, give us the grace to live our call faithfully....
    Pope Francis Amoris L√¶titia capsule:  Expanding fruitfulness (continued)
    Procreation and adoption aren't the only ways to experience love's fruitfulness.  All families are called to find other expressions of fruitfulness that prolong the love that sustains them.  Faith draws us more deeply into the world; each of us has a special role in preparing for the coming of God’s kingdom in our world”. Families should go forth in solidarity with others to integrate persons into society and link public and private spheres.  Couples' social obligations floods their affection with new light.  “I love you because your hands work for justice.  You're my love, my companion, my all,  On the street, side by side, we're more than just two.”

    Jesus’ own family didn't appear unusual or different from others; they were a normal part of the community.  Jesus interacted with his parents' relatives and friends.  But some Christian families are seen as remote because of how they speak, act, or treat others.
    Here's the secret to a happy family:  bind wounds, foster a culture of encounter, and fight for justice; 'domesticate' the world and help people see others as brothers and sisters.  Find a place for and build friendships with the less fortunate.  “As you did it to least..., you did it to me.”  “Invite the poor, maimed, lame, blind....” 
    By their witness and words, Christian families speak to others of Jesus, pass on the faith, arouse a desire for God, and reflect the beauty of living the gospel, enlivening society by their social concern, outspokenness for the underprivileged, faith, and hope; their fruitfulness expands and makes God’s love present in society. (V:181-84)
    Dress legend
    • 'Horse,' 'chariot/car' tie pins:  ...with chariots and horsemen; hornets 'drove' Amorites etc. out of your way;... (1st reading)
    • 'Sword' tie pin:  It wasn't your sword  (1st reading)
    • Tie with grapes:  You've eaten of vineyards you didn't plant (1st reading)
    • 'Scroll' pin:  Bill of divorce (gospel)
    • 'Interlocking rings' tie bar:  "They're one, no longer two; don't separate what God has joined” (gospel)
    • 'Heart' pin:  "Moses allowed divorce because of your hard hearts" (gospel) 

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