August 24, 2017


August 24, 2017:  St. Bartholomew, Apostle

Find about a dozen connections with today?
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For Psalm 145
  • Rv 21:9b-14  To show me the Lamb's bride, the angel took me, showed me radiant Jerusalem with its wall, 12 angel-staffed gates and 12 Apostle-inscribed courses of stones.
  • Ps 145:10-13, 17-18  "Your friends make known, O Lord, the glorious splendor of your Kingdom."  Let your works thank you and your faithful bless you.  Your dominion is for all ages.  You are just, holy, and near.
  • Jn 1:45-51  Jesus / Nathanael [Bartholomew]:  “Here's a true child of Israel, duplicity-free.” / “How do you know me?” / “I saw you under the fig tree.” / “You're Son of God, King of Israel.” / “You believe because I told you I saw you under the tree?  You'll see greater things:  heaven opened, angels ascending/descending.”
  • Creighton:  Today's portrait of Bartholomew gives us hope and challenges us.  'Guile' is "deceitful cunning"; Bartholomew became a disciple through simplicity, not cleverness.  May we strive for innocence and freedom before things that seduce us.
  • One Bread, One Body:  "Seeing the best":  Nathanael (Bartholomew) had a negative attitude toward Jesus before they met, simply because Jesus was from Nazareth, but Jesus had a positive attitude toward Nathanael even before they met.  Jesus called Nathanael a true Israelite in whom was no guile; he didn't focus on Nathanael's sins.  Nathanael responded by affirming Jesus as Son of God and King of Israel.  Jesus saw through Simon, as he sees through each of us.  He knew he'd deny him but had a positive attitude toward him, calling him "Rock" and promising to build his Church on him; Peter responded by leading the Church to the point of martyrdom.  Jesus had a positive attitude toward Judas, calling him "friend" at the kiss of betrayal, but Judas did instead of responding favorably, Judas killed himself.  Jesus is looking at you with love and mercy.  How will you respond?
    St. John and St. Bartholomew/ Dossi
  • Passionist:  "Love and service":  Jesus complimented Nathanael:  “there's no deceit in him”.   The Greek for 'deceit' is 'dolos,' likely from a word meaning decoy/trick/bait, figuratively craft, deceit, guile, subtlety.  He didn't use others for his own gain.  Genuine service has little self-interest.  In this time when deceit is rampant and people are used for personal gain, may no one find deceit in us....
  •  "Come and see":  Philip was eager to  ell Nathanael (Bartholomew) about his decision to be Jesus' disciple; he tried to convince him Jesus was the Messiah.  Nathanael was skeptical because he didn't think the Messiah could come from Nazareth, a town he disliked and whose residents he considered unworthy of religious toleration.  Aren't we all a bit like that, skeptical when someone tries to convince us of the truth till we can comprehend it for ourselves?  Rather than argue, Philip just invited him to see for himself.  Arguments rarely win people over, but an encounter with Christ can.  Jesus opened Nathanael's heart, and he recognized Him as the Messiah.  When Jesus says "you'll see heaven opened, and God's angels ascending and descending...," he's referring to Jacob's dream.  Jesus promises Nathanael He will be the ladder that unites earth with heaven, the fulfillment of the promise to Jacob.  Jesus is the true stairway to heaven; in his incarnation we see heaven and earth united, God dwelling with us and bringing us into his heavenly kingdom...

Pope Francis Amoris Lætitia capsule:  Being sons and daughters

Each of us is a son or daughter, even if we become adults, age, become parents ourselves, or assume responsibilities.  Life is the first gift we received.  Abandoning our parents is against God’s law.  

"Honor your father and mother" comes right after the commandments about God; it's about something sacred, divine, at the basis of human respect.  The commandment goes on:  "that your days may be long in the land the Lord gives you."  The virtuous bond between generations is the guarantee of the future and of a humane society.

But “a man leaves his father and his mother.”  When this sacrifice and surrender fails to be made, the marriage is hampered.  Parents must must not be abandoned, but marriage demands they be “left” so the new home will be a place of security and hope, and the couple can become “one flesh.”  If one spouse keeps secrets from the other but confides in parents, the situation can't go on for long.  Both spouses need to grow in trust and communication; marriage challenges them to find new ways to be children.  (V:188-90)
Today's saints, from Universalis
  • Bartholomew, apostle, patron of the sick.  Went to India?  Martyred in Armenia?
Dress legend
  • 'Lamb' tie bar:  "I'll show you the wife of the Lamb" (1st reading)
  • 'Mountains' tie pin:  "He took me in spirit to a great, high mountain" (1st reading)
  • 'Jewel' tie pin:  "Jerusalem's radiance was like that of a precious stone,... clear as crystal." (1st reading)
  • 'Angel' pin:  Angels were stationed at 12 gates (1st reading); "You'll see God's angels ascending and descending..." (gospel)
  • 'Crowns' tie:  "Your friends make known your Kingdom's splendor" (psalm); "You're the King of Israel" (gospel)
  • 'Phone' tie bar:  The Lord is near to all who 'call' on him (psalm)
  • 'Eyeball' pin:  "Come and see" (gospel)
  • 'Tree' pin:  "I saw you under the fig tree" (gospel)
  • Red shirt and tie:  St. Bartholomew feast
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