August 4, 2017

John Vianney

August 4, 2017:  St. John Vianney, Priest

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The theme of your convention, "Convinced of God’s Love and Power," points to the source of Christian life and mission:  our conviction that God’s saving love impels us to share the Good News with everyone.  This conviction underlies all our enthusiasm for evangelization, for we have a treasure that can't deceive, a message that can't mislead or disappoint.
This experience of God’s love and power led to the founding of the Knights as a union of Catholic laymen, workers, husbands, and fathers.  Your history demonstrates how a spirit of solidarity and mutual concern inspired by God’s love can grow and contribute to God's glory, the spread of his Kingdom, the Church's mission.
Paul's question, “If God is for us, who can be against us?,” expressed his conviction that the power of God’s love, revealed in Christ, prevails over every evil.  Today a new world war is being fought piecemeal, as an ungodly thirst for power leads to violence, injustice, and suffering.  We're asked to reject this mentality and combat the growth of the "throwaway" culture of indifference.  May you respond generously to this challenge, by recommitting yourselves to your properly lay vocation of sanctifying the world from within, by carrying out your responsibilities in the spirit of the Gospel and revealing Christ to others through the witness of your lives, helping to renew society by working to change hearts and build peace, one person and community at a time.
Thank you for defending and promoting the sanctity of marriage and the dignity and beauty of family life.  Healthy family life is linked to the health of society.  In the family we come to see the world is also our home, in which we're called to live together, learn closeness, care, and respect, and offer our gifts for the good of all.  Strengthening of family values and accepting responsibility for the moral health of the greater community help overcome the polarization and coarsening of society.
Thank you for your commitment to Christians in the Middle East.  Keep praying for those in need, the conversion of hearts, and an end to violence, hatred and injustice in that region.
  • Lv 23:1, 4-11, 15-16, 27, 34b-37  Lord to Moses:  “Celebrate these festivals of the Lord at their proper time:  Passover, Unleavened Bread, Day of Atonement, feast of Booths.  Proclaim a sacred assembly, and offer the Lord the offerings, sacrifices, and libations prescribed for each.”
  • Ps 81:3-6, 10-11ab  "Sing with joy to God our help."  Don't worship any alien god.  I, the Lord, am your God who led you from Egypt.
  • Mt 13:54-58  Jesus came to his native place and taught in the synagogue.  Astonished, they said, “Where did he get such wisdom and deeds?  Isn't he the son of Mary and the carpenter and the brother of James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas?”  They took offense at him.  Jesus:  “A prophet is without honor in his native place.”  He didn't work many mighty deeds there because of their lack of faith.
    • Creighton:  Jesus has gone before us.  He encouraged us, knowing the path would be narrow and difficult.  Even when we fall, he waits for us.

    • One Bread, One Body:  "Half lives":  The people of Jesus' native place lacked faith in him; he didn't work many miracles there because they weren't receptive.  The pattern repeats today:  people who lack faith and don't see God's power and glory in their lives live half-lives, not abundant lives, only shadows of what they could be.  Jesus has mercy on those who lack faith; he visits them and gives them another opportunity to live to the full, giving grace to have faith and a chance to be saved from the effects of faithlessness....
    • Passionist:  "Remember; celebrate; proclaim":  Today’s celebration challenges us to remember the “roots” of our faith, celebrate God’s unconditional love, and use our talents, even limitations, to spread the Good News.  The 1st reading summarizes Israel's liturgical year, the remembrances of the events through which God saved them and established them as his own; they celebrated to help keep vital their relationship with their loving, saving Lord.  The gospel recalls Jesus’ rejection by his neighbors.  "Wise, powerful, and convincing, but where did he get these gifts?"  His message of repentance challenges his listeners of all times.  We need faith to accept him, faith rooted in God’s work throughout history.
    Today we celebrate St. John Vianney, a simple man with humble background and simple theology, zealous to spread God’s love, especially known for his proclamation of it through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  His loving ministry flowed from his spiritual life based on prayer and mortification.  Pope Benedict named him patron of priests.  Remember God’s love and celebrate our relationship with him and one another as members of the Church.   Proclaim God’s love in your vocation as married, single, priest, or religious persons.  Be zealous in living and sharing your faith....
    •  "They took offense at Jesus":  The severest critics are often people close to us.  Jesus faced a severe testing when he returned home as a rabbi with disciples.  The Nazarenes took offense when he said no prophet is honored among his own; they dismissed him as a carpenter with no social distinction and a layman untrained in religion.  Closed-minded, they saw no viewpoint but their own.  Do I view those familiar to me with kindness and respect or with a critical  spirit?
      Dress Legend
      • 'Fire' pin:  Burnt offerings as an oblation to the Lord (1st reading)
      • 'Clocks' suspenders:  Celebrate festivals at their proper times (1st reading)
      • 'Fruits' tie:  Bring first fruits to the priest  (1st reading)
      • 'Angel with trumpet' pin:  Blow the trumpet at the new moon (psalm)
      • 'Treble clef' tie bar:  Take up a melody...  (psalm)
      • 'Owl' tie pin:  "Where did this man get such wisdom?" (gospel)
      • 'Hammer' and 'nail' pins:  "Isn't he the carpenter's son?" (gospel)
      • 'Mary' pin:  "Isn't Mary his mother?" (gospel)
      • "Boundless mercy" button:  St. John Vianney ministered God's merciful love
      • White shirt:  St. John Vianney memorial

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