August 3, 2017

Aug. 3

August 3, 2017:  Thursday, 17th week, Ordinary Time

  • 'Fire' pin:  At night the children of Israel saw fire in the cloud (1st reading)
  • Tie with building and columns:  Moses erected the Dwelling... (1st reading)
  • 'Heart' pin:  My heart and flesh cry out for God (psalm)
  • 'Bird' pin:  Even the sparrow finds a home and the swallow a nest (psalm)
  • 'Fish' pin:  The Kingdom is like a net that collects fish (gospel)
  • 'Angel' pin:  Angels will separate the wicked from the just (gospel)
  • Green in shirt and suspenders:  Ordinary Time season

For Psalm 84
Pope Francis to Borussia soccer team

You distinguish yourself by being a team at the human level, promoting the family.  I enjoy seeing how families live in your Borussia Park and how many athletic and education initiatives you hold to promote young people, especially the less fortunate.  Be athletes for good and for peace!

    The Kingdom is like a net... (animate) 
  • Ex 40:16-21, 34-38  Moses who erected the Dwelling as the Lord commanded:  pedestals, boards, bars, columns, tent, covering, commandments in the ark, poles, propitiatory, and curtain veil.  The cloud covered the tent, and the glory of the Lord filled the Dwelling.  When the cloud rose, the Israelites set out....
  • Ps 84:3-6a, 8a, 11  "How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord, mighty God!"  I yearn for the courts of the Lord; I cry out for the living God.  Blessed they who dwell in your house!  Blessed those whose strength you are!  I'd rather have one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere....
  • Mt 13:47-53  “The Kingdom is like a net that collects fish.  When it's full they haul it in, put what's good into buckets, and throw out the rest.  At the end of the age, angels will separate the wicked from the just and throw them into the furnace....  Every scribe instructed in the Kingdom is like one who brings from his storeroom both the new and the old.”
    • Creighton:  Moses listened to God and did what he commanded; he led the children of Israel throughout their journey.  In the 1st reading, Moses erected the dwelling place of the ark, which contained the commandments and the glory of the Lord and guided the children of Israel.  The psalm reminds us that being in God's presence is central to our well-being; his dwelling place is our home, the source of our strength and goodness, how we experience God's Kingdom.  No wonder we yearn and pine for God.  We pray God's kingdom come to each of us.  When we open our hearts and listen to Jesus, we receive his Spirit, believe his word, and live a godly life.  Today's gospel message notes that dwelling in the covenant of the Kingdom isn't enough; we must be vigilant and listen to and believe Jesus.  The old promises to the children of Israel are true, but we must also listen to the words through which God's Kingdom comes to us today and live in line with them.
    • One Bread, One Body:  "Making the final cut":  God waits till the end before separating wheat from weedssheep from goats.  We want to pull out the weeds earlier. We may think that if we're on the team and scoring points now, we must be on the team for good, but God won't make the final cut till the end.
      Joshua passing the River Jordan with
      the Ark of the CovenantWest
    • Passionist:  We have a hunger only God can fill; trying to fill it with with new stuff doesn't work.  God made us for himself, and we'll only be fulfilled when we meet him face to face.  It’s good to long for more and have something to look forward to, but it needs to be God alone.  Once we've experienced God's love, how can we not share it?
    •  "Trained for the kingdom of heaven":  The two most common ways of fishing were with a casting-net (hand-net) thrown from the shore and the drag-net let down from a boat.  The dragnet took in all kinds of fish, flotsam, and jetsam in its path.  As a drag-net catches every kind of fish, so the church gathers in all comers, not discriminating between good and bad.  God's kingdom is open to all, but a time of separation will come.  God will give the good and the bad the reward they deserve, offering his kingdom to all believers.
    Gems, gold, and choice wine increase in value with age.  Jesus' parable of the old and new points to the "older covenants" God made with his people, and the "new covenant" he came to establish; he came to fulfill, not abolish, the old.  God gave both Old and New; both testaments are inspired by same Spirit and shed light on each other.  The Old prepared the way for Christ; the New lies hidden in, and unveils, the Old.  Each enlightens the other.  Jesus interpreted Old Testament Scriptures for his disciples and explained how he came to fulfill them.  Do I treasure all God's word?
      • Oswaldking, brought Christianity to his people, man of prayer and charity to the needy.

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