August 2, 2014

Aug. 2

August 2, 2014:  Saturday, 17th week, Ordinary Time / St. Peter Faber, SJ

  • Jer 26:11-16, 24  Priests and prophets to the people / Jeremiah:  “He deserves death; he prophesied against this city.” / “The Lord sent me to prophesy what you heard.  So listen to God and reform your ways.  Do with me what you think right, but if you kill me, you bring innocent blood on yourselves and the people.”  The people:  “He doesn't deserve death; he speaks in God's name.”  So Ahikam protected Jeremiah.
    Wordle: Readings 8-2-14
  • Ps 69:15-16, 30-31, 33-34  "Lord, in your great love, answer me."  Rescue me from my foes!  I am afflicted and in pain; save and protect me.  I will praise God in song.  The Lord hears the poor.
  • Mt 14:1-12  Herod wanted to kill John the Baptist, but the people regarded him as a prophet.  At a birthday celebration for Herod, Herodias' daughter performed a dance that delighted Herod so much that he swore to give her anything.  She asked for John the Baptist's head; he had him beheaded and brought his head to the girl...
Pope Francis
  • For 1st feast of St. Peter Faber (Pierre Favre), SJ:  One of St. Ignatius Loyola's first companions and the first to be ordained, he helped heal divisions in the Church during the Lutheran reformation and Catholic reform by calling people to reform their lives and discipline their affections.
  • The Dance of the Seven Veils from the Strauss opera Salome fits with the gospel, but what you'd find online may include some adult content (which I keep off this blog).
"Roamin' Catholic" report
I had the privilege of participating in a Mass Tuesday night celebrating the golden wedding anniversary of two friends. 
  • The presiding bishop's humor was refreshing (e.g., beginning Mass starting to ask if anyone had reason the couple should not be joined).
  • Liturgy of the Word included three readings and the psalm.  I was happy they included Romans 8:31-39; see Oct. 31 for more about that and matching music, which also fit for last Sunday and tomorrow.  Kudos to homilist:  "the couple is both the word of God and the sacrament of God."
  • Music ministry:  cantor, pianist, and violinist (who played primarily during entrance), all to right of assembly at our level, and visible.
    • Psalm:  In God alone/ Haas (instrumental version):  Lovely, but IMHO the antiphon's length (4 lines, 29 words) rules it out as a responsorial psalm.  Since it's in the Gather Comprehensive hymnal in the pews, though, it could have worked better if the worship aid said so and/or the song had been announced.  (The cantor/psalmist didn't move up to the ambo for the psalm; she told me later it was because there were so many concelebrants, but I still think having it proclaimed from the same place as the other Bible readings is a better sign.)
    • Communion:  Taste and see/ Moore and You are mine/ Haas (another version).  We sang these OK (at least the refrains) but could have sung them even better had the hymnal numbers been announced (as for the psalm).
    • Exit:  instrumental
  • Technology:  Sound reinforcement was good.  I understand the heavy-duty roving video equipment for such a celebration and was grateful there was no jarring flash or other lighting.
    • Creighton:  Jeremiah was willing to die for speaking God's message.  Do I have the courage to speak out against injustice...?
    • Passionist:  Am I willing to surrender all for the Kingdom, as Jeremiah and John the Baptist were?
    •  Herod had everything but a clear conscience.  God can pardon and strengthen us....

    • 'Hand' tie pin:  "I am in your hands" (1st reading)
    • 'Blood drop' pin:  If you put me to death, you bring innocent blood on yourselves... (1st reading)
    • 'Beheaded skeleton' tie pin:  Herod had John beheaded and brought his head to the girl. (gospel)
    • Tie with fishing bait/lures:  (I wore this yesterday in anticipation of today's readings and offered an Amazon gift card to the first one to identify the connection before today's post.  I regret to say there was no winner.)  The dance of the daughter of Herodias 'lured' Herod to get John the Baptist beheaded.  (Groan if you like. :-)  (gospel)

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