August 27, 2014


August 27, 2014:  St. Monica

  • Ps 128:1-2, 4-5  "Blessed are those who fear the Lord" and walk in his ways.  They'll eat the fruit of their handiwork...
  • Mt 23:27-32  “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites.  You're like whitewashed tombs, beautiful outside but filthy inside.  You appear righteous but are filled with evildoing.... 
Pope Francis
  • Audience:  The Church is one and holy:  one because her her origin is the Triune God, mystery of unity and communion, and holy because Christ founded her and filled her with love and salvation.  The Church's unity and holiness call us sinners to conversion.  Jesus intercedes for our unity with him, the Father, and each other.  When we put ourselves at the center, sins against unity–jealousy, envy, antipathy–arise, but God wants us to grow in our capacity to welcome, forgive, love, and resemble Jesus.  The holiness of the Church is to recognize the image of God in one another.  God, forgive us for times when we've sowed division or misunderstanding, and may our relationships mirror the unity of Jesus and the Father.
Wordle: Readings 8-27-14
Words of today's readings
(thanks, Wordle)
    • Creighton:  Hypocrites' masks will fall; truth can't be hidden for long.
    • One Bread One Body:  "Holy is as holy loves":  the scribes and Pharisees showed outward signs of holiness but neglected love of others and therefore of God.  What's important to me?
    •  Appearances can deceive.  True beauty and goodness come from within...
    • 'Peace sign' tie bar:  "May the Lord of peace give you peace at all times and in every way." (1st reading)

    • White shirt:  color of St. Monica day; "You hypocrites are like whitewashed tombs..." (gospel)
    • 'Skeleton' tie pin:  "... full of dead men’s bones" (gospel)

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