October 19, 2013

North American Martyrs

October 19, 2013:   SS. John de Brébeuf and Isaac Jogues, priests, and companions, martyrs

Tagxedo word cloud 10-19-13

  • Rom 4:13, 16-18  Promise was made to Abraham and descendants through faith, not law; it was a gift.  Abraham believed, hoped he would become the father of nations.
  • Ps 105:6-9, 42-43  "The Lord remembers his covenant [with Abraham] for ever,"  led his chosen people with joy.
  • Lk 12:8-12  Everyone who acknowledges/denies me before others, the Son of Man will acknowledge/deny before God's angels.   When they take you before synagogues, rulers, and authorities, don't worry about your defense; the Holy Spirit will teach you.

  • Pope Francis homily:  Moses, John the Baptist, Paul, enthusiastic when young, suffered at the end.  Nursing homes are "shrines of holiness."  Don't forget the elderly:  visit; they bear burden of solitude.
  • Creighton:  Abraham's descendants inherit faith; pass it on.
    • RC.net:  In whom/what do I hope/trust?  God's mercy is limitless, but we can reject/refuse it.

      Today's Saints, thanks to Universalis
      • SS. John de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues and Companions, North American Jesuit martyrs; see also New Advent on how Brébeuf's killers ate his heart to receive his bravery.
      • St. Paul of the Cross, priest serving the poor and sick
      • St. Philip Howard, husband, father, earl, convert, died prisoner for faith 
      • St. Frideswide, royal family member

      The Faithful One/ Schutte; for a recording, I only found pre-Yahweh directive "Yahweh, the Faithful One" (here; original here) (1st reading, psalm)


      "Dove above keyboard" pin:
      dove for Holy Spirit who will defend and teach me (gospel)

      Claddagh pin:  heart for
      North American martyrs' bravery (feast)
      (I did take a fresh pic today, but these old ones are clearer.)

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