October 30, 2013

October 30

October 30, 2013:   Wednesday, 30th week, Ordinary Time 

Wordle: Readings 10-30-13
  • Rom 8:26-30  We don't know how to pray; Spirit intercedes with groanings according to God’s will.  All things work for good for those who love God.  God foreknew, predestined, conformed, called, justified, and glorified them.
  • Ps 13:4-5, 6  "My hope, O Lord, is in your mercy."  Answer me, Lord God!
  • Lk 13:22-30  Enter through the narrow gate.  You'll ask, "Lord, open the door; we know you," and he'll reply, "Depart from me, evildoers!"  You'll wail when cast out while others enter.  Some last will be first, some first last.”

    • Pope Francis to World Council of Churches:  God is at work where life is cherished, and justice and peace prevail.  Pray and cooperate in the service of the Gospel and the human family.  Witness to human dignity; enable growth in freedom, ensure sound education, and guarantee religious liberty.  Reach out to the vulnerable:  poor, disabled, unborn, sick, migrants, refugees, elderly, unemployed.
    • RC.net:  Enter by narrow door = follow Jesus.  Strive = struggle.   Trust.
    • Creighton:  Sacrifice, hoping in God's mercy.  Spirit and community are advocates.

      Music (all from 1st reading!)


      • "Keyboard with dove" tie pin:  Spirit intercedes for us (1st reading)
      • "Eyeball" tie pin:  "Give light to my eyes" (psalm)
      • Tie with doors:  "Lord, open the door" (gospel)

      Dress your life!

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