October 7, 2013

Our Lady of the Rosary

October 7, 2013: Our Lady of the Holy Rosary


  • Jon 1:1–2:1-2, 11  “Preach against wicked Nineveh."  Jonah flees on ship, tells crew.  Lord sends storm.  Jonah, hurled, is swallowed by fish, prays.  Lord commands fish to spew him onto shore.

  • Jon 2:3-5  "You will rescue my life from the pit, O Lord." You cast me into the sea; I prayed; you answered.
  • Lk 10:25-37  Scholar/Jesus: “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” / “What does Law say?" / “Love God and neighbor, but who's my neighbor?" / “Robbers beat traveler. Priest and Levite passed; Samaritan cared for him. Who?" / “The one who treated him with mercy.” / “Do likewise.”

There's a wideness in God's mercy/ Faber, usually to In Babilone tune, but also goes with Wellesley (check out this instrumental nugget too), Corvedale, Beecher, and even Hymn to Joy (gospel)  [Roseann, remember when the worship aid said "wilderness" and you thought we were singing "wildness"?]
Daily reflections


  • Whale tie pin (1st reading and psalm, even though text only says "fish")
  • "Three people" tie pin:  priest, Levite, and Samaritan (gospel)
  • "Heart of gold" tie:  compassion Samaritan showed to traveler (gospel)
  • Mini-rosary bracelet (right):  Our Lady of the Rosary (feast); actually, it works better as an armband, so I just moved it up and pinned it.

Blue shirt and tie for our Blessed Mother

Dress your life!

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