October 15, 2013

St. Teresa of Ávila

October 15, 2013: St. Teresa of Jesus, Virgin and Doctor

    Wordle: Readings 10-15-13
    • Rom 1:16-25  Gospel is God's saving power.  The one righteous by faith will live.  Idolaters knew God but didn't accord him glory; revered creature, not Creator.
    • Rom 8:22-27  Creation is groaning, and we groan inwardly awaiting redemption.  The Spirit comes to help our weakness, interceding for us according to God's will.
    • Ps 19:8-11  "Your words, Lord, are spirit and life."  Lord's enduring, just, sweet law refreshes, gives wisdom, joy, enlightenment.
    • Lk 11:37-41  Jesus to Pharisee amazed he didn't wash before meal:  “Fools!  You cleanse outside, but inside you're full of evil.  Maker made both outside and inside.  Give alms; everything will be clean.”
    • Jn 15:1-8  I am the vine; you, the branches. Remain in me and bear fruit.

    • Creighton:  Narcissism in gospel, Vatican Curia, me?  Pope Francis:  Church needs to be caring community, not Vatican-centric.
    • Universalis:  St. Teresa of Ávila:  contemplation overflowed to action.  Horse story.
    • RC.net:  Do I welcome the Lord and allow God's love to transform me?  Almsgiving expresses love so drives out uncleanness of heart.
    • Fr. Benioff's homily:  Spend time to know and love God as St. Teresa did.

    St. Teresa's writings online

    Musical settings of St. Teresa's Nada te turbe (my translation)


    • "Castle" pin (straightened out since photo):  in honor of St. Teresa's Interior Castle
    • Medical pin:  St. Teresa, "Doctor" of the Church (feast)
    • Norman Rockwell/books tie (family thrift store find):  St. Teresa's writings
    • Silverware tie bar:  Jesus dined with Pharisees (gospel)

    I dedicate this post to Lucy Teresa.

    Dress your life!

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