October 9, 2013

October 9

October 9, 2013: Wednesday, 27th week, Ordinary Time


Wordle: Readings 10-9-13

  • Jon 4:1-11  Jonah, angry God didn't destroy Nineveh as he'd prophesied:  "Take me now."  God:  “Why be angry?”  Jonah built hut; Lord provided plant for shade, then worm to wither it, then burning wind.  "I'd be better off dead." / “You're concerned over the plant you didn't raise.  Shouldn't I be concerned over Nineveh with its 120K+ people, plus cattle?"

  • Ps 86:3-6, 9-10  "Lord, you are merciful and gracious."  Have mercy on me, good, forgiving, kind Lord.  Hear my pleading.  All shall worship you who do wonders.
  • Lk 11:1-4  “Teach us to pray.” / "Father, hallowed be your name..."

Music (gospel)
  • "Echo Our Father," from Communion Muse/ Sr. Juliana Garza (from Sunday night Mass at Caltech, where we lowered it to A)
  • Our Father/ Malotte (The recording is curious to me since it seems to be at a Catholic Mass in Italy, and this setting, perhaps beautiful as a solo, wouldn't be my first choice for the assembly at Mass even in the US.)
  • Russian Orthodox chant
  • The chant we usually sing faster and more in the rhythm of the spoken word
Please submit links to other versions (especially audio [clips] and/or sheet music [samples] of ones suitable for congregational participation) as comments below!
Daily reflections
  • Creighton: “super-essential” bread for our “super-ordinary” lives 
  • RC.net:  How do I pray, treat people, forgive? 
  • Universalis: Denis, John Leonardi, Blessed John Henry Newman 
  • Sacred Space
  • Cow pin: "the many cattle" (1st reading)
  • Whale tie pin:  Jonah (1st reading)
  • "Sunset Blvd." tie with its palm trees:  The tree is as close I can come to the 1st reading's gourd plant; it's only coincidental that there's a Gourd and the Palm Tree fable.
  • "Kneeling person" tie bar:  "Lord, teach us to pray." (gospel)
  • Green shirt and suspenders:  Ordinary Time season (and cow pasture?)

Dress your life!

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