November 2, 2013

All Souls

November 2, 2013:  Commemoration of all the faithful departed (All Souls)   

  • Wis 3:1-9  The souls of the just are in God's hands.  They seemed dead and their going from us destruction, but they're at peace, have hope, and will be blessed.  God proved them, found them worthy, shall be their King.  They'll abide with Lord.
    Wordle: Readings 11-2-13
  • Ps 23:1-6  "The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want."  He's beside me, giving me rest and courage, refreshing, guiding, and anointing me.  I fear no evil.  Kindness follows me; I'll dwell in God's house forever.
  • Rom 5:5-11  Hope doesn't disappoint; Spirit poured out God's love into our hearts.  God proved his love by sending Christ to die for us sinners, reconcile us to God, save us.
  • Jn 6:37-40  I won't reject anyone who comes to me.  Father wants to raise to life, not lose, what he gave me.

    • Pope Francis homily:  Christ our Hope, alone, saved those who preceded us, opens heaven's door, won't let us down.  Hope = anchor heart to loved ones, where God is.  Where is my heart anchored?  Look forward to death with hope and joy.  
    •  I know my Redeemer lives and will stand upon the earth, and in my flesh I shall see God.  See Jesus in word, sacrament, church community; submit to God; receive life.
    • Creighton:  We ache for loss, but the souls of the just are in peace.

    (Thanks, Fr. Chris, for this "All Souls Day" image :-)


    Claddagh pin:  crown for "Lord shall be their king" (1st reading),
    heart for "Love of God has been poured out 
    into our hearts" (2nd reading)

    "People" pin:  "I won't reject anyone who comes to me....
    Father wants everyone who sees and believes in Son to have eternal life and be raised up" (gospel)

    Dress your life!

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