November 11, 2013

St. Martin of Tours

November 11, 2013:   St. Martin of Tours, bishop (and Veterans Day)

Wordle: Readings 11-11-13Readings

  • Wis 1:1-7  Love justice, believe and seek the Lord.  God is the witness of the inmost self, observer of the heart, listener of the tongue.  All-embracing Spirit fills the world.
  • Ps 139:1b-10  "Guide me, Lord, along the everlasting way."  You know me, my thoughts, my ways; your hand is on me.  Wherever I go, you hold and guide me.
  • Lk 17:1-6  Be on your guard!  Rebuke but forgive.  If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, the mulberry tree will obey you.

  • Pope Francis homily:   Jesus never tired of forgiving; neither should we.  Sin/humility/repentance/forgiveness ≠ corruption (keep sinning, double life/hypocrisy, boasting to be Christian without living the life).  God's Spirit can't be where deceit is.
  • Creighton:  “I am a sinner” the all-embracing God will bring back if I’m repentant. 
  •  Does temptation (trap, stumbling block) or faith (with obedience) drive me?  Do I trust in God will strengthen me to do his will, overcoming obstacles?
  • Universalis:  St. Martin, soldier, hermit, founder of monasteries, bishop of Tours, model shepherd, educator of clergy, preacher to the poor.
  • Marian retreat, day 7, last day per St. Louis de Montfort:  See God’s generosity; die to self; grow in holiness.  Mary is the mold that puts herself around us, forms us into images of Christ, accompanies us to Jesus, makes crosses lighter, enables us to advance through grace and Spirit.  Bear crosses with God's help.


  • "Owl" tie pin:  "Wisdom is a kindly spirit" (1st reading)
  • "Eyeball" tie pin:  "Your eyes saw me" (psalm, v. 16)
  • "Stone" tie pin:  millstone around neck better than causing sin (gospel)
  • "Tree" pin:  mulberry tree moved by faith (gospel); see below
  • Red/white/blue shirt, flag tie in honor of veterans

Since I wore a different tree, here's a picture of a real mulberry tree:

Special greetings to and prayers for the community at St. Martin of Tours parish and elementary school!

Dress your life!

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