November 29, 2013

November 29

November 29, 2013:   Friday, 34th week, Ordinary Time

  • Dn 7:2-14  Daniel's vision:  beasts emerge:  lion with eagle wings, given human mind; bear ordered to eat flesh; leopard with bird wings, four heads, receiving dominion; terrifying, strong beast with horns, devouring with iron teeth, trampling with feet.  Snow-bright Ancient One took throne; myriads attended him.  Beast slain, burnt up.  One like a son of man comes, receives dominion and glory.
    Wordle: Readings 11-29-13
  • Dn 3:75-81  "Give glory and eternal praise to him!"  Mountains, hills, growing things, springs, seas, rivers, dolphins, water creatures, birds, beasts, bless the Lord!
  • Lk 21:29-33  As when tree buds open you know summer is near, when you see these signs, know God's Kingdom is near.  Heaven and earth will pass away, but not my words.
Pope Francis
  • Today's homily:  The spirit of the world wants an enslaved thoughtless mob, not a community; it doesn't want us to ask why before God, or it says it's OK for us to think as we like.  Jesus asks us to think freely to understand; we need the Spirit’s help to understand what God wants in my life and in the world.  With thought according to God—of mind, of heart, and soul—we can seek meaning and understand signs.  Ask the Lord for ability to understand the signs of the time.
  • Thursday's homily:  We can look to Jesus for strength to resist evil;  Jesus endured insults, lies, and trials but triumphed over evil.  People are discouraged from speaking of religion in public.  When this attitude reaches its height is when the end times will come, when the Son will return in glory.  Do I worship and adore the Lord?  Ask for grace to worship to the end with trust and fidelity.
  • "Gospel Joy 0.III" (Evangelii Gaudium drill-down), based on the end of the intro of Pope Francis's new exhortation (continuing the series):
New evangelization calls all to transmit the faith in pastoral ministry to the faithful, to the baptized lacking meaningful relationship with Church, and to those who don't know or have rejected Christ.  Attract by sharing your joy.  All ministry should be missionary.  Promote sound decentralization. 

To show their implications for our mission, I'll discuss reform of the Church in her missionary outreach, temptations pastoral workers face, the Church as God's people evangelizing, the homily, inclusion of the poor, peace, and the spiritual motivation for mission; they all help shape an evangelization style I ask you to adopt in your every activity, so we can rejoice in the Lord always.  (0.III, 14-18; pp. 13-18) 
  • Creighton:  Daniel's terrifying vision ended in hope:  God will destroy evil so all who stand firm will triumph.  People of faith can resist temptation, conquer adversity.  What challenges block me?
    •  God's kingdom buds and bears fruit in hearts receptive to and trusting his word.  God gives signs, comes, whispers, shows the way, gives hope.  Do I recognize his presence/action and listen?

    • Lion pin:  beasts in Daniel's vision (1st reading); "beasts, bless the Lord" (psalm)
    • Tree pin:  read signs like the tree (gospel)
    • Crown of Claddagh pin:  Christ the King
    • "Clock" tie bar:  countdown to end of liturgical year (tomorrow)
    • Green shirt, windbreaker:  Ordinary Time season
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