November 28, 2013


November 28, 2013:
Thanksgiving Day 
Thursday, 34th week, Ordinary Time

Readings for Thanksgiving
    Wordle: Readings 11-28-13 Thanksgiving
    • Sir 50:22-24  Bless God who's done wondrous things, who fashions people.  May he grant you joy and peace.
    • Ps 145:2-11  "I will praise your name for ever, Lord."  Great is the Lord, his splendor, wonders, goodness, justice, mercy...
    • 1 Cor 1:3-9  I thank God for you.  Faithful God called you to fellowship with Jesus and will keep you to the end.
    • Lk 17:11-19  Ten lepers ask Jesus for pity and are cleansed enroute to the priests; one returns to say thanks.  "Where are the others?  Go; your faith has saved you."
    Readings for the weekday
    • Dn 6:12-28  Men find Daniel praying, tell King Darius who orders him cast into the lions' den.  King returns to den, finding Daniel unhurt.  Daniel was removed; his accusers were cast into the den and crushed.  King Darius:  Reverence the God of Daniel:  he lives forever, saves, works signs, and delivered Daniel from the lions.
      Wordle: Readings 11-28-13 weekday
    • Dn 3:68-74  "Give glory and eternal praise to him."  Dew, rain, frost, chill, ice, snow, nights, days, light, darkness, lightnings, clouds, earth:  bless the Lord!
    • Lk 21:20-28  Time of punishment:  Woe, signs, calamity, and judgment will come.  People will fall, be taken captive, and trampled.  Son of Man will come with power and glory.  Stand erect; your redemption is at hand.
    • "Gospel Joy 0.II":  Yesterday I began a drill-down of Evangelii Gaudium of Pope Francis.  Here's a taste of the section II of his intro:
    The Joy of Evangelizing: Goodness spreads.   Once liberated, you become more sensitive to others’ needs.  We must reach out to others to lead a fulfilling life. Evangelization is personally fulfilling; life weakens in isolation but grows when given away.  Mission is offering life to others; don’t look like you just got back from a funeral!  May all be enabled to receive the good news from ministers who have received Christ’s joy and whose lives glow.
    A renewal of preaching can offer new joy.  The message will never grow old: God revealed his love in Christ and renews his faithful.  Christ is the same, but his riches are always new, his wisdom so deep that we can always go deeper.  Jesus breaks through dull categories and amazes us by creativity.  When we recover the Gospel’s freshness, new paths of creativity open up: expressions, signs and words with new meaning.  Authentic evangelization is always new.
    Jesus, the first and greatest evangelizer, calls us to cooperate with him.  Reveal that God takes the initiative, loving first, to maintain joy.  God offers and asks for everything.  The joy of evangelizing arises from grateful remembrance; newness doesn’t displace history.  Don’t forget how you were introduced to the life of faith; the believer is essentially one who remembers.  (0.II, 9-13; pp. 9-13)
    • Pope Francis to Council for Interreligious Dialogue:  Be open in truth and love.  Remain firm in your convictions, and be open to understand others.  Constructive dialogue overcomes fear.  Respect diversity; acknowledge right to religious freedom. 
    • Creighton:  Gratitude, even amid daily annoyances or worse, opens me to God’s love.
    •  The greatest gift is redemption and adoption as God's children.  Discipleship costs, but Jesus will keep us safe.  Fill me with gratitude and hope...
    • Marian retreat, day 24:  Bl. John Paul II:  God entrusted himself to Mary in giving her his Son.  Mary became her Son's first disciple in faith and pondering God's word.

          • Lion pin:  Lions' den (weekday 1st reading)

          • Sword  (weekday gospel)
          • Heart of Claddagh pin:  "joy of heart" (Thanksgiving 1st reading)
          • Crown of Claddagh tie pin:  King Darius (1st reading); Christ the King
          • People tie pin:  lepers including the thankful one (Thanksgiving gospel)
          • "Kneeling person" tie bar:  prayer of thanksgiving
          • Green in tie and suspenders:  Ordinary Time season
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