November 14, 2013

November 14

November 14, 2013:   Thursday, 32nd week, Ordinary Time


    Wordle: Readings 11-14-13
  • Wis 7:22b–8:1  Wisdom:  holy, subtle, agile, clear, keen, kindly, firm, tranquil, powerful, all-seeing, pure, effusion of God's glory, renews, produces friends of God....
  • Ps 119:89-91, 130, 135, 175  "Your word is for ever, O Lord."  Your truth endures; all things serve you.  Shine on me; teach me.
  • Lk 17:20-25  God's Kingdom is among you.  Son of Man must suffer and be rejected, will be as lightning.
  • Pope Francis homily:  The wise journey with the Holy Spirit, follow God’s patience.  Spirit of curiosity—"spirit of the how," talking too much, wanting to be masters of God's projects, to have everything in hand—brings confusion, distances us from wisdom, peace, God.  God's Kingdom, Holy Spirit's action, is among you, gives wisdom and peace. 
  • Creighton:  God's reign is in your midst.  How have I missed the Spirit's presence in and around me?
  •  Jesus' return will be unmistakable; all will recognize Day of the Lord as clearly as lightning.  Do I seek God's kingdom with joyful hope?
  • Universalis:  St. Dyfrig founder of monasteries, bishop, teacher of saints;St. Laurenc O'Toole, archbishop
  • Marian retreat, day 10, per St. Maximilan Kolbe:  Mary and Holy Spirit have interior union deeper than spouses:  Spirit lives in her, makes her sacred, fruitful.



  • "Owl" tie pin:  wisdom (1st reading)
  • Crown of Claddagh tie pin:  God's kingdom (gospel)
  • "Question mark" tie pin:  Pharisees ask when Kingdom will come (gospel)
  • "Eyeball" tie pin:  Look!  Behold; you will long to see... (gospel)

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