November 22, 2013

St. Cecilia

November 22, 2013:   St. Cecilia, virgin, martyr


    Wordle: Readings 11-22-13
  • 1 Mc 4:36-37, 52-59  Judas Maccabeus and brothers purify, repair, ornament, rededicate the sanctuary with songs, harps, flutes, and cymbals.  All praised Heaven.  All the people prostrated themselves and adored and praised Heaven,
  • 1 Chr 29:10b-12  "We praise your glorious name, O mighty God."  All is yours.
  • Lk 19:45-48  Jesus drove sellers out of temple:  “My house shall be a house of prayer."  Leaders sought to kill him, but people were hanging on his words.
  • Pope Francis homily:  We worship in a temple building, and we are temples of the Holy Spirit where we can worship and follow God.  We're sinners and so need ongoing purification—through prayer, penitence, and Sacraments—to follow God’s commands.  In both the building and the temple of our hearts, we need an attitude of adoration, attentive listening, prayer, penitence, and praise.
  • Creighton:  Is my home a house of prayer?  Expel thieves I admit of business, frustration, anger, boredom by responding to Jesus.
  •   God takes worship seriously.  Money changers exploited the poor.  Do I hang on God's every word, let it transform me?
  • Universalis:  St. Cecilia, patroness of music and musicians because her death candentibus organis (with red-hot pipes) was misread cantantibus organis (with organ playing)?
  • Sing to God in Jubilation/ St. Augustine (Exposition on Psalm 32, from today's Office of Readings):  Only one restored through God's grace and sharing in his Kingdom can sing to God a new song; rid yourself of what's old and worn out.  Sing well, not with lips but with life.  Words can't describe God or express the heart's song; cry out for joy beyond words. 
  • Kneeling person tie bar:  "My house shall be a house of prayer" (gospel)
  • Music manuscript tie and suspenders:  St. Cecilia, patroness of music (feast)
  • Blinged piano tie pin, Musical notes tie bar (upside down; oops), Accordion pin:  all for St. Cecilia
  • Red shirt:  Cecilia's martyrdom

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