May 10, 2014

May 10

May 10, 2014:  Saturday, 3rd week of Easter

  • Acts 9:31-42  The Church was at peace, being built up, walking in the fear of the Lord, consoled by the Spirit, and growing in numbers.  Peter, finding paralytic Aeneas in Lydda:  “Jesus Christ heals you.”  All who saw turned to the Lord.  When disciple Tabitha died, the disciples sent for Peter who prayed, and she rose.  Many came to believe in the Lord.
    Wordle: Readings 5-10-14
  • Ps 116:12-17  "How shall I make a return to the Lord for all the good he has done for me?"  I'll call on the Lord's name.  Precious in the Lord's eyes is the death of his faithful.  You have loosed my bonds; I'll offer you sacrifice of thanksgiving.
  • Jn 6:60-69  Disciples / Jesus:  “Who can accept this hard saying?” / “The Spirit, not the flesh, gives life.  No one comes to me unless my Father grants it.”  Many returned and no longer walked with him.  Jesus asked the Twelve, “Do you also want to leave?”  Peter:  “To whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life.  We're convinced you're God's Holy One.”
Pope Francis
  • On solidarity in the world of work:  Solidarity is a theme of the social teaching of Popes St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  The word has become unpopular; people don't want to enflesh ethical values in the business world, but the Church gives us strength to do it.  The work environment can be dry, hostile, or inhuman and put workers to the test.  Confront the Gospel in the reality of your work; collaborate to put the human person and the common good first.  Give effective testimony in your field, bringing not only words but also the experience of persons seeking to realize Christian principles at work.  Move ahead with faith; you're called to sanctify the social, economic, and political sectors.  Pray, and ask God for the gift of counsel to act for and choose the greater good.
        • One Bread One Body:  Do the hard words of Jesus shake your faith?  They should.  "Do you want to leave Me too?" How will you answer?
            •  People must either accept Jesus' word as divine or reject it as an impostor's.  God freely gives faith to those who listen to and trust him.  Paul tells us the Spirit enlightens us. 
              • Passionist:  Faith is easy when it "works" for you (people are healed, and things go well), hard when it takes sacrifice.  People left Jesus when the saying was hard or when they realized they faced the cross.  Faith gives meaning to suffering.  "Lord, to whom would I go? You have the words of everlasting life."
              • Universalis:  St. Damien of Molokai (=Joseph de Veuster), priest, minister to lepers; St. Comgall, abbot

                • "Kneeling person" tie bar:  Peter knelt and prayed; Tabitha rose (1st reading)
                • "Phone" tie pin:  I will call upon the name of the Lord (psalm)
                • "Eyeball" tie pin:  Precious in the eyes of the Lord... (psalm)
                • Red and white shirt:  red for "the death of his faithful" (psalm) and Confirmation (tonight), white for Easter season
                • "Wheat" pin:  Bread of Life discourse (gospel)
                • Tie with bread and other food:  feeding of the 5,000 (Jn 6:1-15, pre-gospel), Jesus as Bread of Life (gospel)
                • "Dove" pin :-(how sad to have lost my "Keyboard with dove" tie pin just before Confirmation):  Spirit consoled early Church (1st reading); the Spirit gives live (gospel); Confirmation at parish (tonight)
                Dress your life!

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