May 7, 2014

May 7

May 7, 2014:  Wednesday, 3rd week of Easter

Wordle: Readings 5-7-14Readings
  • Acts 8:1b-8  A severe persecution of the Church broke out, and all were scattered, except the Apostles.  Saul was trying to destroy the Church, imprisoning believers.  The scattered preached the word and worked wonders, crowds paid attention, and there was great joy.
  • Ps 66:1-3a, 4-5, 6-7a  "Let all the earth cry out to God with joy."  Say to God, “How tremendous your deeds!”  Come see God's works.  He rules by his might forever.
  • Jn 6:35-40  Jesus:  “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me won't hunger, and whoever believes in me won't thirst.  I won't reject anyone who comes to me, because I came to do the Father's will, and the Father wants everyone who sees and believes in the Son to have eternal life and be raised up.”
Pope Francis
  • Audience on Holy Spirit's Gift of Counsel:  God helps us understand how to speak and behave.  When we welcome him, the Spirit makes us sensitive to his voice and directs our thoughts, feelings, and intentions.  He brings us to gaze on Jesus as a model of how to act and relate.  Through Counsel the Spirit helps us to make decisions in communion with God, with the logic of Jesus and his Gospel, to grow inwardly, positively, and in communion, and to avoid selfishness and our limited vision.  Pray ‘Lord, what should I do now?’ to give the Spirit room.  Pray on the bus or street, in silence, with your heart; nobody notices.  In intimacy with God, we put aside our logic, prejudices, and ambitions and seek God's advice.  Harmony grows, and we experience the truth of ‘Don't worry about how to speak or what to say; you'll be given what to say’ (Mt 10:19-20).  Like other gifts of the Spirit, counsel is for the whole community; God speaks not only in our heart but also through others.  Pray, "I bless the Lord who counsels me....  I keep the Lord before me; with him I won't be shaken." (Ps 16:7-8).  May the Spirit instill in us consolation and peace!
        •   Bread sustains us; we can't live without food.  To Jesus, the bread of life is connected with God, author of life.  Real life is a relationship of love, trust, and obedience with God; Jesus makes it possible.  Jesus offers himself as spiritual food producing God's life in us; he promises friendship and freedom from fear of being forsaken from God; he offers us hope of sharing his resurrection.
          • "Children around the world" tie:  The disciples were scattered (1st reading); "Let all the earth cry out to God with joy." (psalm)
          • "Wheat" pin:  Bread of Life discourse (gospel)
          • "Eyeball" tie pin:  God wills that everyone who sees and believes in the Son may have eternal life (gospel)
          • "Keyboard with dove" tie pin:  Holy Spirit's gift of counsel (papal audience)
          • White shirt:  Easter season

          Dress your life!

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