May 30, 2014

May 30

May 30, 2014:  Friday, 6th week of Easter


Wordle: Readings 5-30-14
  • Acts 18:9-18  Lord to Paul via vision at Corinth:  “Fear not.  Speak up; I'm with you.  You'll be safe.”  He settled and taught the word of God, but then the Jews rose up against him:  “He's inducing people to worship contrary to the law.”  Proconsul Gallio drove them from the tribunal:  “If it were a crime, I'd hear your complaint, but since I don't want to judge matters of doctrine and your law, handle it yourselves.”  Paul remained, then sailed for Syria.  At Cenchreae he shaved his head because of a vow he'd taken.
  • Ps 47:2-7  "God is king of all the earth."  God brings nations under our feet.  The Lord mounts his throne amid shouts of joy and trumpet blasts.
  • Jn 16:20-23  “You'll grieve, but your grief will become joy.  A woman in labor is in anguish, but once she gives birth, she forgets her pain because of her joy.  You're in anguish now, but you'll rejoice when I see you again.  Then you won't ask me about anything, and the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.” 
Pope Francis
  • Homily:  St. Paul was brave because he had strength in the Lord, though he, like all of us, had some fear.  Even Jesus in Gethsemane felt it.  Paul endured hardship for what he did, but that didn’t stop him.  Christian life isn't a party; we cry when we're sick, have a family problem, or can't pay the mortgage...  But Jesus says, 'Fear not!'  (There's also the sadness of the wrong kind of happiness:  when we sin and try to buy joy.)  Christian joy is a joy in hope, but we don't see it in times of trial; our trials purify that joy.  Don't go to a suffering person and say:  'Come on!  Tomorrow you'll have joy!'  Help them feel what Jesus made us feel.  Make an act of faith:  'Lord, I don't know how this sorrow will turn to joy, but I know it will!
    Women in labor suffer but forget when they hold their children; what remains is the joy of Jesus, a purified joy, a joy in hope.  We don't feel it in bad times, but it comes.  Be courageous and remember it'll come.  The sign of this joy is peace; how many who are sick, dying, and in pain have it.  If you do in times of darkness, you have the seed of joy.
      Music for "Ascension watch"
        • Creighton:  God told Paul not to fear.  We're not called to fear but rather to share Good News by word and action.  We're full of grief and joy, and Jesus is with us when we weep or laugh, in times of doubt or faith.  As he was transformed in his suffering, death, and resurrection, so too can our grief be transformed.
        • One Bread One Body:  After the Ascension, the disciples likely felt a sense of loss because they didn't understand how he'd be with them via the Spirit.  When we pray "Come, Holy Spirit" in our loss, all heaven breaks loose.
          •  Jesus told his disciples they'd be sorrowful because the way to joy is the cross.
          • Passionist:  You need to tell a GPS your destination to get directions.  Our destination is abundant life, and the Paraclete is our GPS.
          • Universalis:  St. Luke Kirby, priest and martyr; the Yorkshire Martyrs:  Margaret Clitherow, priest Henry Walpole, and 18 companions, martyrs.
          • "Bald people" tie pin:  Paul shaved his head (1st reading)
          • "Eyeball" tie pin:  God spoke to Paul in a vision (psalm)
          • Tie with crowns:  "God is king of all the earth" (psalm)
          • "Angel with trumpet" pin:  The Lord mounts his throne amid trumpet blasts (psalm)
          • "Medical" pin:  When a woman is in labor, she's in anguish, but when she's given birth, she's joyful (gospel)
          • "Hearts" suspenders:  I'll see you again, and your hearts will rejoice (gospel)
          • White tie pin:  Easter season
          Dress your life!

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