August 12, 2013

August 12, St. Jane Frances de Chantal

August 12, 2013, Monday, 19th week, Ordinary Time
St. Jane Frances de Chantal

Dt 10:12-22  Moses:  “Lord asks: fear, follow, love, serve God to whom all belongs; keep commandments.  God loves, chose you, gave you descendants, peace, food; has no favorites, accepts no bribes, executes justice, befriends alien.  Circumcise your heart."

Ps 147:12-13, 14-15, 19-20  Praise the Lord, Jerusalem.

Mt 17:22-27  Son of Man will be handed over, killed, raised.  Capernaum:  Pay the temple tax?  Subjects exempt, but open fish's mouth to get coin to pay ours.

  • Claddagh tie pin (with heart and crown):  circumcise your heart; God is Lord (1st reading)

  • "People" tie pin:  the descendants God gave Israel (1st)

  • "Peace" tie pin:  peace God gave (1st)

  • "Fish" tie (and nail polish, survivor from 7-28):  fish with Peter and Jesus' temple tax (gospel)

  • "Scales" pin:  God executes justice; so should we (1st reading)
  • "Penny pincher" pin:  the coin worth tax for two (gospel)
  • Suspenders:  waves of the sea (gospel), color of the land God gave Israel (1st)
  • Blue shirt:  the sea (gospel)
Update:  At noon Mass I realized the coin belongs by the fish's mouth so moved it:

Wordle of the readings; click to enlarge:

Wordle: Readings 8-12-13

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