August 18, 2013

August 18

August 18, 2013:  20th Sun., Ordinary Time

Jer 38:4-6, 8-10  Princes:  “Put Jeremiah to death; he wants our people's ruin."  Prophet thrown into cistern.

Ps 40:2, 3, 4, 18  Lord, come to my aid!

Heb 12:1-4  Run race, ridding self of burdens/sin, keeping eyes on Jesus, who endured cross, took seat at God's throne, endured sinners' opposition.

Lk 12:49-53  Jesus:  “I came to set earth on fire, establish division, not peace."

Music connection

Psalm 40:  Lord, come to my aid  (stream or download robo-sung lyrics)

I used a proposed revision of the New American Bible psalms, from a green paperback, that didn't get approved but IMHO was a great translation.  The robo-audio is from the above  Noteworthy-manuscripted leadsheet via score flattening (to eliminate repeat marks), exporting to nwctxt, converting via Niversoft or NWC2MusicXML, opening in Melody Assistant, choosing a voice in Virtual Singer, exporting as MP3, uploading to Google Sites, and linking.  Too bad Lucy and I didn't record it;  we do it right vs. how I lazily manuscripted, and human voice is hard to beat.  It was first sung at the 8-20-1995 Mass in the Don Bosco Tech chapel before an Archdiocesan Catholic Center picnic, as the psalm, with Sr. Chris Machado as cantor.]

"Concentric ovals" tie pin:  looking down into cistern (1st reading)
[admittedly a stretch]

"Clock" tie pin:  "I waited for the Lord" (psalm)

"Eyeball" tie pin:  "many shall look on in awe and trust in the Lord" (psalm),
keep eyes fixed on Jesus (2nd reading)

"Running" tie pin (disregard bowling ball :-):
"Run the race" (2nd reading)
"Blood donor" pin:  fire (red color, shape of drop) (gospel)
[another stretch, but not as bad as the cistern]

Finally, the orange T-shirt is for the fire (gospel).

Roamin' Catholic report

When I don't play or sing at my home parish, I try to "roam" elsewhere.  Music included:

Word cloud from today's readings, over fire image for gospel: 

Hover over it

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