August 21, 2013

August 21

August 21, 2013:  St. Pius X, Pope

Jgs 9:6-15  Abimelech made king. Jotham: “Trees went to anoint a king: olive, fig, vine, declined; buckthorn accepted."

Ps 21:2-7  Lord, in your strength the king is glad.

Mt 20:1-16 Kingdom is like a landowner who hired laborers at dawn, 9, 12, 3, and 5, paid all the same. "Are you envious because I'm generous? Last will be first; first last."

"Clocks" tie:  various times
landowner hired workers (gospel)
  • "Tree" pin:  trees being asked to be king (1st)
  • "Scales" pin:  St. Pius X reformed canon law

  • Claddagh tie pin:  crown for anointing of king (1st reading)
  • "Silverware" tie bar:  St. Pius X promoted frequent reception of Holy Communion
St. Pius X quotation:  "I was born poor, I have lived poor, and I wish to die poor."

Wordle: Readings 8-21-13
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