August 20, 2013

St. Bernard

August 20, 2013:  St. Bernard, abbot and doctor

Jgs 6:11-24a  Gideon:  "Why all this?  Where wondrous deeds?  Lord abandoned us to Midian."  "Save Israel."  "How?"  "I'll be with you."  "Give sign."  Lord's fire rose from rock to consume meat and cakes.  "I've seen Lord."  "Don't fear."  Gideon built Yahweh-shalom altar.

Ps 85:9, 11-12, 13-14  "The Lord speaks of peace to his people."  Lord proclaims peace, kindness, truth, justice, gives benefits, salvation.

Mt 19:23-30  "Easier for camel to pass needle's eye than for rich to enter Kingdom."  “Who can be saved?”  "For God all is possible.”  Peter:  "We gave everything, followed you.  What do we get?"  "You'll sit on thrones, receive hundredfold, eternal life.  First will be last; last first."

  • "Signs" tie:  Lord's "sign" to Gideon (1st)
  • "Rock" tie pin:  rock from which food-devouring fire erupts (1st)
  • "Eyeball" tie pin:  Gideon:  "I have seen the Lord" (1st)
  • "Question mark" tie pin:  Questions:  disciples' ("Who then can be saved?") and Peter's ("What will there be for us who have given up everything and followed you?") (gospel) 
"Peace" pin:  "Lord speaks of peace to his people" (psalm),
altar called Yahweh-
shalom (1st)


St. Bernard of Clairvaux writings,
recommended by Msgr. Lorenzo Miranda:
Wordle: Readings 8-20-13
Word cloud of today's readings

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