August 25, 2013

First monthiversary

First month highlights

  • July 26:  1st with readings and images
  • July 28:  1st with wearable art
  • July 31:  1st with audio and sheet music links (and sign language)
  • Aug. 4:  Song for psalm; comments enabled
  • Aug 9:  1st with word cloud
  • Aug 10:  1st with two sets of readings (dressing for both), three classical music links (including one opera aria), tribute, art from fellow choir member, and a comment
  • Aug. 11:  post-Mass dress tweak
  • Aug 14:  1st possibly to launch theological controversy; includes resources to compare/explore Bible texts including Greek
  • Aug 15:  1st with Gospel-inspired poetry from colleague, audio and sheet music links including Messiah, Talbot, Ave Maria, film/Broadway, and 5th Dimension
  • Aug. 16:  psalm setting with sheet music, "Why the blog?"
  • Aug 18:  1st with original sheet music, robo-sung audio, embedded music player, and "Roamin' Catholic report."  Most music links ever.  Tried word cloud with more options, but it doesn't work with most phones.
  • Aug. 20:  1st with bonus (presider-recommended primary texts)
  • Aug. 21:  1st with Michael Ward music (including background), post-homily update, exegetical speculation, and a painful reading/tie connection
  • Aug. 24:  1st with original music written for today
  • Aug. 25:  1st with commentary on church technology (and picture) in Roamin' Catholic report; lots of music links

The five with italicized links are my favorites.

Thanks for visiting!

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