August 27, 2013

St. Monica

August 27:  St. Monica

For her son, see tomorrow's post.

1 Thes 2:1-8 Beloved, we shared Gospel and ourselves in purity and truth, to please God, not people. We were gentle, as nursing mother.

Ps 139:1-3, 4-6 "You have searched me and you know me, Lord." You know my thoughts, ways, journeys. You rest your hand on me.

Mt 23:23-26 Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, blind guides. You pay tithes but neglect judgment, mercy, fidelity. Cleanse inside so outside may be clean.

[Side trip about Godspell:   The lyrics of "Alas for you" are based on a biblical text, but other lyrics were taken from elsewhere:

For Christmas 1977, Fr. Thomas O'Neill, S.J., now at St. Ignatius College Prep, crafted a set of tree ornaments honoring saints, but with a twist:  for example, the one for St. Lawrence looked done on one side, and the one for St. Monica sported a surfboard.  

Fr. Tom, if you have a picture to share, I'd love to put it here in place of this one.

  • "Hands" tie:  "You rest your hand on me" (psalm)
  • White tie pin:  mother's milk (1st reading), scribes/Pharisees as whitened sepluchers (tomorrow's gospel, following yesterday and today's theme)

Wordle: Readings 8-27-13
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