September 19, 2013

September 19

September 19, 2013: Thursday, 24th week, Ordinary Time
(Optional: St. Januarius, Bishop and Martyr)

  • 1 Tm 4:12-16  Set an example in speech, conduct, love, faith, purity.  Read; exhort; teach; attend to yourself; persevere.  Don't neglect your gift; save yourself and those who listen to you.
    Wordle: Readings 9-19-13
  • Ps 111:7-10  "How great are the works of the Lord!"  Works of his hands are faithful and just.  Wisdom begins with fear of Lord.
  • Lk 7:36-50  Sinner bathes Jesus' feet with tears, wipes with hair, anoints.  Jesus:  “Creditor forgave two debtors:  one of 500 days' wages, another of 50.  Who will love him more?  She bathed my feet with tears, kissed and anointed them, showing great love."  “Your sins are forgiven.  Go; your faith saved you.”
  • "Hearts" suspenders:  set example in love (1st reading), show great love (gospel)
  • "Hands" tie:  works of Lord's hands are faithful (psalm)
  • "Abacus" tie pin:  comparing forgiven debts (500, 50 denarii) (gospel)
  • Red (trust me despite photo rendering) shirt:  blood of St. Januarius
Daily reflection/meditation

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