September 6, 2013

September 6

September 6, 2013:  Friday. 22nd week, Ordinary Time

  • Col 1:15-20  Christ is image of God, firstborn of creation, preeminent, head of Church.  All created in, through, for him; in him all holds together.  Made peace by Blood of Cross.
  • Ps 100:1b-5  "Come with joy into the presence of the Lord."  Sing to, serve, thank, praise, bless Lord.  Know Lord is good, kind, faithful God; we're his people, flock.
  • Lk 5:33-39  Scribes and Pharisees:  “John's and Pharisees' disciples fast and offer prayers, but not yours."  Jesus:  “Bridegroom's here; they'll fast when he's taken away."  “New wine, fresh skins" though nobody wants it.

Music for Psalm 100
  • Sheet music tie: Sing to the Lord (psalm)
  • Angel with trumpet tie pin:  singing (playing) with joy (psalm)
  • Kneeling person tie bar: offering prayers (gospel)
  • Cross on tie: Jesus made peace through Cross (1st reading)(fell off since picture taken, missing from retake; sorry)

"Grapes" pin:  grapes to make the new wine (gospel)

Wordle: Readings 9-6-13

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