September 30, 2013

St. Jerome

September 30, 2013:  St. Jerome, Priest and Doctor 


  • Zec 8:1-8  "I'm jealous for Zion, will return to Jerusalem, faithful city, holy mountain.  I'll rescue my people, bring old and young back to fill city.  They shall be my people, and I will be their God.
Wordle: Readings 9-30-13
  • Ps 102:16-21, 29, 22-23  "The Lord will build up Zion again, and appear in all his glory."  All shall revere you.  Lord looked down from heaven to hear groaning, release the doomed.  They'll praise the Lord when peoples gather to serve.
  • Lk 9:46-50  Disciples argued who was the greatest.  Jesus took child, said "Whoever receives this child in my name receives me, the one who sent me.  The least is greatest....  Whoever is not against you is for you.”

From heaven the Lord looks down/ Nestor (psalm)

Daily reflections
  • Creighton U:  God dwells with us.  Let's value children, protect life.  What's our heart's intention?
  •  How shall we change better to fit the models of the child, and Jesus?
  • Sacred Space

Saint and more


  • "Glass mountain" pin:  holy mountain Jerusalem (1st reading)
  • Eyeball tie pin:  the Lord looked down (psalm)
  • "Children around the world" tie:  "Whoever receives this child" (gospel), Lord viewed earth from heaven (psalm)

  • Bible pin (St. Jerome):  I don't have this $2 item yet ($15 minimum order) but, now that I've discovered it and how to add an item from anywhere to my Amazon wish list, it's there.

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