September 25, 2013

September 25

September 25, 2013: Wednesday, 25th week, Ordinary Time

St. Finbarr of Cork, Bishop

Special greetings to and prayers for the community at St. Finbar in Burbank!

Wordle: Readings 9-25-13Readings
  • Ezr 9:5-9  Ezra prayed:  “God came to us slaves mercy, relief, new life."

  • Tb 13:2-4, 7-8  "Blessed be God, who lives for ever," scourges then has mercy, shows you his greatness.

  • Lk 9:1-6  Jesus gave Twelve power and authority over demons, diseases, sent them to proclaim Kingdom, heal, taking nothing, shaking dust from feet if not welcomed.   They went everywhere proclaiming good news, curing diseases.

Daily reflections

  • Creighton:  authority of relationship, freedom despite uncertainty, trust
  •  What authority has God given me, and what am I doing with it?  Am I traveling light, dependent on God?

Medical pin:  Jesus sent Twelve to cure (gospel)

"People/I power the Internet" (from T-shirt):
relevant to today's Internet safety workshop
(Thanks to PeopleSoft, now Oracle, for the shirt.)

I know some pictures don't relate directly to today's Mass readings, but "liturgy" (Greek λειτουργίαcomes from λαός (people, from which comes laity) and ἔργο (work, from which come ergonomic and erg).  What's the point of liturgy and our daily work if we can't connect them?

Today I simplified the "description" blurb at the top of the blog, keeping"Bible/clothing/music/life connections, and a challenge to dress our own lives" and dropping "Thank you—and the Lectionary, USCCB daily readings page, Google...."  My thanks remain to you, the Lectionary, the USCCB, and Google; I just want to shorten it and focus on dressing our own lives.

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