September 14, 2013

Triumph of the Cross

September 14:  Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Feast

  • Nm 21:4b-9  People to God and Moses:  “Why have you brought us from Egypt to die?  We're disgusted with this wretched food!”  Lord sent saraph serpents.  People:  “We sinned in complaining.  Pray the Lord take the serpents away.”  Lord:  “Mount a saraph on a pole, and if any look at it, they will live.”
  • Ps 78:1bc-2, 34-38  "Do not forget the works of the Lord!"  They remembered God was their rock, redeemer but lied to him and were unfaithful.  He forgave, turned back his anger.
  • Phil 2:6-11  Christ, though in the form of God, emptied himself, came in human likeness, humbled himself, obeyed to death on a cross.  God exalted him.  Every knee shall bend at Jesus' name, every tongue confess him as Lord.
Word cloud 9-14-13
  • Jn 3:13-17  Jesus to Nicodemus:  As Moses lifted up the serpent, so must Son of Man be lifted up.  God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might have eternal life.  God sent Son to save, not condemn, the world."

2nd reading:  Here are some of the many settings of the "kenosis hymn":

At the name of Jesus/ Noel, Vaughan Williams
(BTW this text also fits to Darke's In the bleak midwinter :-)
At the name of Jesus/ Walker
At the name of Jesus/ Norton:  Bluegrass :-)
Our God is glory/ Fabing, from Winter Risen 
He is Lord 
He is exalted/Paris (live)
Jesus, the Lord/ O'Connor
Lord, I lift your name on high/ Founds 
Psalm:  I set it in 1991:  Do not forget the works of the Lord!/ Celoni (sheet music)
(stream if player doesn't work)
Gospel:  God so loved the world, from The Crucifixion/ Stainer (sheet music)

I'm keeping the apparel simple today!

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