September 9, 2013

St. Peter Claver

September 9, 2013:  St. Peter Claver, Priest

  • Wordle: Readings 9-9-13
  • Col 1:24–2:3  I rejoice in my sufferings for your sake, filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of his Body, the Church.  Christ is in you.  Be encouraged; come together in love.
  • Ps 62:6-7, 9  "In God is my safety and my glory."  Trust God alone, my hope, rock, salvation, stronghold, refuge.
  • Lk 6:6-11  Jesus in synagogue with scribes, Pharisees, man with withered hand:  “Lawful to do good, save life on sabbath?  Stretch out your hand.”  Hand restored; people enraged.

In the first reading, is Paul saying that Christ's afflictions/sufferings weren't enough?  No! We with Paul are united to Christ; so too our suffering which unfolds over our lifetimes.  See this Biblical Evidence for Catholicism post about this issue; it includes references from St. Alphonsus Liguori and St. Thomas Aquinas.


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  • "Hands" tie:  "stretch out your hand" (gospel), slaves reaching out to St. Peter Claver (today's feast)
  • Owl tie pin: wisdom (Sunday's 1st reading and psalm)
  • Abacus tie pin: "calculate the cost" of discipleship (Sunday's gospel); "teach us to number our days"(Sunday's psalm) [it works; see instructions]

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